Want Healthier Eating? Evidence Shows Limiting Choice Works

The federal government runs two programs to help poorer Americans feed their families. Evidence shows that if getting poor households to eat more healthy foods is a major policy goal, we should seriously consider limiting choice in food assistance.-

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Regional Trade Stabilizes West Africa’s Food Supply. How Do We Make It Work Better?

Staple commodity trade across West Africa is the golden key to food security and economic security in one of the world's poorest corners. How can we grow and professionalize this trade in West Africa?

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Rethinking Food Assistance: From Evidence to Policy

It is hard for most of us to imagine going to bed hungry or worried that we can't feed our family because we lack money to do so. Unfortunately 15 percent of American households-48 million people-face this situation. For these people, food security-defined as having access to food at all times and enough food for an active, healthy life-is elusive.

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