Accelerating Private Sector Investment for Asia’s Clean Energy Future

I'm here at the Asia Clean Energy Forum in Manila, Philippines, where more than 1,500 leaders from 63 countries are sharing their insights, innovations and lessons learned in our collective efforts to drive a clean energy transformation.

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Addressing Climate Change in Asia: How Companies Are Taking the Lead

Countries in South and Southeast Asia are among the world's most vulnerable to climate change. Private sector leaders in the region have embraced the business and economic case for ambitious climate action.

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In Renewable Energy, Latin America and the Caribbean Show What’s Possible

In the years ahead, the world's developed and emerging economies must accelerate their transition to renewable sources of energy if they are to mitigate the impacts of climate change. Two recent events underscore how countries in Latin America are doing just this and leading the way in reducing carbon emissions.

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Climate Change: A Tipping Point in Paris

My expectations weren't high as I headed toward Paris earlier this month for the United Nations Conference on Climate Change in Paris (COP21). Frankly, I'd been jaded by the lack of progress on climate change over the last 20 years.

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