5/27/17 - New Technology Looks to Fill Senior Care Workforce Gaps The Modesto Bee

A news story about nursing home workforce shortages in South Dakota mentioned a report by Abt Associates on the same issue.
5/26/17 - Work for Audible, Live Rent-Free? New York Times

Abt housing expert Jeff Lubell was quoted a news story about companies providing housing subsidies for employees.
5/25/17 - The Catastrophic Effects of Mental Health Stigma Psychology Today

Helga Luest, an Abt senior manager and trauma expert, was quoted in a story about the enduring power of stigmas regarding mental health.
5/24/17 - The Messy Relationship Between Food Stamps and Health The Atlantic

This article features Abt’s evaluation work from the Healthy Incentives Pilot, a test of whether a 30 cent rebate would spur SNAP recipients to buy and consume more fruits and vegetables.
5/17/17 - Education Gap Widens Between Black & White Students News One

Michael Lopez, Ph.D., a principal associate at Abt, was interviewed about the uneven quality of public education received by black and Latino students.
5/9/17 - PNG Central Bank Signs MOU to Launch BlockChain Technology Papua New Guinea Post Courier

A news report explained that the PNG Governance Facility project – managed by Abt Associates – signed an agreement with the Papua New Guinea Central Bank Governor to begin implementation of blockchain, a digital technology used to record transactions, confirm identity and establish contracts.
4/27/17 - Nearly Half of Americans Think There’s a ‘Deep State’: Poll ABC News

A majority of Americans believe there is a Deep State, or “military, intelligence and government officials who try to secretly manipulate government policy,” according to a poll conducted in part by Abt Associates.
4/22/17 - Americans Would Pay $17.2 Billion to Prevent Another Deepwater Horizon Disaster Huffington Post

A blog post discussed a study co-authored by an Abt Associates’ Colleen Donovan that estimated the monetary value of the natural resource damages from the Deepwater Horizon oil spill. 
4/20/17 - Bristol County Air Quality Receives Failing Grade Tauton Daily Gazette

Abt Associates’ report on the health impacts of the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative is featured in this story on air quality in Massachusetts.
4/10/17 - Child Care Options in the Latino Community are Scarce Vívelo Hoy

Abt Principal Associate Michael López is quoted on the shortage of child care options for children under five in Chicago. López points out that child care centers are just one part of the child care network and there are other options that Latino families may be using.
4/5/17 - CMS Report Finds Emory’s eICU Program Reduced Hospital Stays, Saved Millions of Dollars Science Magazine

Abt’s report for the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services found that Emory University’s Electronic ICU (eICU) program has proven to be a valuable asset for intensive care patients and their hospital care teams. 
3/15/17 - Doctor Groups Take Up Global Warming Advocacy San Diego Union-Tribune

A news story referenced Abt’s recent report on the health and economic benefits of the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative (RGGI).
2/10/17 - The Future of Medicaid: When Improving Upon the Wheel, Start With Something Round Health Affairs Blog

Katharine Witgert, a senior associate at Abt, wrote about successful Medicaid enrollment practices and the impact of Medicaid cost-sharing programs. 
2/3/17 - Opinion: Embracing Blockchain Solutions to Fight Global Poverty Devex

Jane Thomason, CEO of Abt Associates Australia, wrote a blog post discussing the potential of blockchain technology – which allows secure, person-to-person transfer of money and information – to change society in the next decade.
1/20/17 - The key Common Core Questions No Senator Asked Betsy DeVos to Answer Washington Post

A news story cited an Abt analysis which found that most states have taken some action to revise their Common Core State Standards or withdraw from them.
1/19/17 - How Sex Education Changed under the Obama Administration WHYY-FM (Philadelphia)

A news report quoted Abt’s Meredith Kelsey, a principal associate in Social and Economic Policy, on how the Obama administration put tens of millions of dollars into evaluating teen pregnancy prevention programs. 
1/18/17 - Common Core Revisions: What Are States Really Changing? Education Week

A blog post highlighted a report by Abt Associates’ staff on the changes states are making to Common Core education standards.
1/17/17 - New Report Shows Health Benefits Of Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative WAMC-FM

A news report quoted Abt Senior Associate Michelle Manion, lead author of an Abt study which estimated that a Northeast U.S. greenhouse gas emissions reduction program saved hundreds of lives.
1/12/17 - New Study: Regional Carbon Cap-and-Trade Has Saved Lives WCAI-FM (Cape Cod)

A news segment discussed an Abt study which estimated that a greenhouse gas emissions reduction program saved hundreds of lives and prevented thousands of respiratory illnesses.