Veterans & Military Families

Our Commitment to Transitioning Military Personnel

Let us help you with your next assignment: Abt Associates. Military service personnel have uniquely aligned skillsets to our work in health, technology, and international work. Former servicemen and women have made personal sacrifices to serve our country. In this same spirit of service, Abt Associates pledges its commitment to these heroic men and women. Abt Associates has launched a strategic military recruitment program, through which we have been actively recruiting veterans, transitioning military, service members, and their families to join our team.

In addition to actively recruiting military service personnel to help strengthen our core values as a company, Abt Associates also seeks out meaningful project work that helps our nation’s Veterans advance in a variety of topics, including housing and family stability, health, and employment.  For further information on the research and technical assistance efforts Abt Associates is a part of, please visit our Active Duty Military and Veterans Cross-Cutting Practice Area page.  Abt Associates is committed to being a champion for military service personnel both inside and outside of the office.

Lieutenant Colonel Cherrie L. Davis
Lieutenant Colonel Cherrie L. Davis, Deputy Director for the U.S. Army’s Transition Strategic Outreach Program, gives a presentation at Abt Associates’ Bethesda office about the advantages of hiring former military servicemen and women.
Photo credit: Doug Trapp, Abt Associates

Former service men and women have training, competencies, and experiences that are very much aligned with our core values here at Abt Associates. A military background can translate into a successful career at Abt for veterans in the following ways:

  • We are mission-driven. Military men and women joined the armed forces to serve their country, and work for a greater cause. Much like Abt Associates professionals, they are mission-driven and seek to make a global impact;
  • We are global. Military personnel have often served all over the world and are trained in multicultural sensitivities. They bring diverse knowledge and experiences to our workplaces in the United States and around the world;
  • We are collaborative. Military personnel recognize the value of teamwork and are used to performing in a team environment, as we do at Abt Associates; and
  • We are accountable. We take responsibility for what we do—and so do you. A demonstrated sense of ownership, discipline, loyalty, and accountability are hallmarks of military training and core to our values here at Abt Associates.

If you are a veteran or member of a military family, and would like more information on how to transition from military service to a successful civilian career at Abt Associates, please email and a member of our Recruiting Team will be in touch with you as soon as possible.