Career Paths

Opportunities for Continuous Growth


Abt Associates has been described as a company with the feel of a university and the heart of an entrepreneur. Abt brings together innovative and highly motivated people from all disciplines and sets them loose to solve the problems facing our world today.
Abt Associates has opportunities for people just starting out in their careers, as well as senior technical experts and managers. Many of our staff have worked their way up from entry-level positions to become senior members of the team. For example, our CEO, Kathleen Flanagan, began her career at Abt as a recent Masters graduate in one of our domestic practices. Abt is proud to have helped people develop long and fulfilling careers with the company.
A typical career path for a recent technical graduate starting in an entry level position may look like this:
career paths
An experienced candidate with a Master’s degree or Ph.D. may join Abt as an Associate and may continue into a position of Senior Associate or Principal Associate.
While this example focuses on career development paths of our technical staff, Abt has talented professionals in various disciplines and departments and we strive to provide opportunities to grow their careers at Abt.

Our Greatest Asset is Our People

What truly sets Abt apart is the collaborative spirit with which diverse perspectives and specialties work together to solve complex problems. This might happen in a boardroom in Bethesda, a conference in Mali, a clinic in Bolivia, or the company’s tree-lined courtyard in Cambridge.
Abt’s U.S. and international divisions offer a rich variety of positions in research, program implementation, and much more. In addition, employees in finance, IT, communications, human resources, and other areas provide cross-cutting support.
Some examples include: 
  • In International Health, staff members are located in the U.S. and overseas, with opportunities to apply their skills and expertise in different contexts to save lives and improve people’s health. Many project directors began at Abt as entry-level research assistants;
  • Social and Economic Policy staff work domestically in such critical areas as housing, income security, and education. Employees who want to go into management, as well as those who prefer to focus on technical issues, thrive at Abt; and
  • In Finance, positions encompass the functions needed to support the entire company. In addition to essential back-office roles, staff in some areas, such as International Accounting, interact directly with clients around the world. 
Abt is a mission-driven company committed to making a positive impact on people’s lives, including. our own. When Clark Abt founded Abt Associates in 1965, he dreamed of “building better people.” His dream lives on wherever Abt’s associates are applying their passion. What a wonderful way to merge life and career.